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If you enjoy singing, or would like to learn, please get in touch!

The Church Choir usually sings in all four choral parts (soprano, alto, tenor and bass). Its main role is to provide a lead for the congregation in all aspects of services. The choir also contributes items on their own, usually in the form of anthems or special service settings. These are hugely rewarding and enable a wide range of technique training to be incorporated into practices. The range of music we sing dates from the early 16th Century to the present day. We work hard to ensure that our performances are accurate, stylish and appropriate to the service in question. We wear choir robes for most services. All robes are provided as is all music you’d need.

Can’t read music? That doesn’t matter as we rehearse new music for at least three weeks before it is sung in service so that everyone has a chance to learn it properly and sing at their best.

Unsure your voice is good enough or think you can’t sing? That’s just not true - You use the same voice for talking, as for singing! It’s amazing what a bit of (free) help will do to bring out your hidden talent! We are not after soloists. We need people who are enthusiastic, can hold a tune, can read the words and enjoy singing together with everyone else. You’d be amazed how much fun it is!

Under the guidance of a professional musician, weekly practices are on a Friday evening. As well as learning music for services, elements of musical and vocal tuition are built in and all in a fun, enjoyable and safe environment.

Our Junior section for both boys and girls aged 7 upwards starts at 6.15pm with adults joining in at 6.30. Younger members can depart from 7.15. Adults carry on until 7.45 at the latest. A special fun programme for youngsters engages them in the basics of good singing, teaches more about our faith and explores parts of the church building in greater detail.

If you're a parent or carer with an interested youngster (whatever age), an older teenager that wants to sing, a boy whose voice is changing and is unsure what is going to happen, an adult who is interested in knowing more or wants to return to singing after ‘time off’, or someone else completely, then please get in touch or simply come along to choir practice on a Friday evening.  Everyone is welcome.

For more information or an informal chat, please contact Peter our Director of Music. We'd love to hear from you!