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Having your child Christened is a wonderful way of celebrating their life. It is also a chance to pray for God’s blessing on them and to let them know they are loved by God. Some people call the service a ‘Christening’ and others call it a ‘Baptism’, though they are the same service.

Adults can also be Christened and receive God’s blessing and love on them as they commit to following God’s loving way of life.

At St. Guthlac’s Church, you do not need to attend the church, or be married, to have your child Christened or to be Christened yourself. We also welcome LGBTQIA+ people to have their children Christened or to be Christened.

To find out more about a Christening service, click here.


When choosing Godparents for your child, please remember they must be Christened themselves. This is because they are making Christian promises on behalf of the child.

Traditionally there are three Godparents -two of the same gender of the child and one of the opposite gender. While there needs to be one male and one female Godparent, on occasion some people choose to have two or four Godparents for their child.

Christening Services at St. Guthlac’s Church

We usually hold our Christening services on the 3rd Sundays of each month at 12:00 mid-day, or occasionally as part of our All Age Service on the fourth Sunday of the month at 10:00am. We invite a maximum of two families to each Christening service. There is no charge for a Christening, though those able to sometimes kindly make a donation of around £30 which goes towards the upkeep of the church and our ministry and mission in the local community.

If you do not live in Market Deeping, you or your child can still be Christened at St. Guthlac’s Church if you attend the church. You can also be Christened here or have your child Christened here if you used to live in Market Deeping or have another connection with the church. If this is the case, please contact your local Church and let the Priest there know you are seeking a service here.

To enquire about or book a Christening, please contact our Parish Administrator on 07972 839963 or by emailing . We do get booked up very quickly, so if you would like a Christening please let us know early.

We love Christening services and being a part of your special day, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.