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Rectory garden update

24 January 2024 15:15

Many of you will know the large red horse chestnut tree in the Rectory front garden, which is pictured above in the snow. Well, some of you might have noticed, it has been cut down this week.

This tree itself pre-dates the building of The Rectory.  It is our understanding, that before The Rectory was built, the land it is on belonged to a local farmer; John Eve.  John was fond of the tree so he requested it was kept when the land was built on.  Many of us are also fond of the tree, but sadly, as you will have noticed, it has not been in a good state for years now. It has long stop producing conkers & had to be felled completely when last year it was noted to be over 50% dead, due to blight. Unfortunately this is a common problem for such trees at the moment & one it would not recover from.  It became dangerous due the amount of branches, of various sizes, regularly falling off the tree, even when it was not windy. On one occasion an incredibly large branch fell off when many people were in the garden, including young children. You can see some of the damage to the tree on photos on our e-newsletter.

The good news though, is that a new tree will be planted in its place.  This will be a similar tree, which over time will grow to a comparable height as the red horse chestnut tree was. So we can look forward to a new, healthy, growing, flourishing tree, which we are sure we will also grow fond of too, & which will remind us both of this past & be more sustainable for the future.